segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2018


Creative Sources – CS563, Lisbon 2018

1. I - 16'10''
2. II - 03'57''
3. III - 12'18''
4. IV - 04'15''
5. V - 12'48''
6. VI - 03'31''
7. VII - 10'44''

Ernesto Rodrigues - Viola
Dietrich Petzold - Violin, Viola, Bowed Metal
Guilherme Rodrigues - Cello
Matthias Bauer - Double Bass

Recorded May 2018, Berlin
Cover design Ernesto Rodrigues


sábado, 25 de agosto de 2018


Digital Creative Sources – DCS008, Lisbon 2018

1. I - 34'06''
2. II - 17'29''
3. II - 04'32''

Ernesto Rodrigues - Viola
Nikolaus Neuser - Trumpet
Guilherme Rodrigues - Cello
Kriton Beyer - Daxophone

Recorded June 2018, Berlin
Cover design Ernesto Rodrigues


[…] Involving Rodrigues is another long-ish album, Plot (recorded in Berlin only this past June) available on Rodrigues's Bandcamp page, and including Guilherme Rodrigues & Nikolaus Neuser (trumpet) to form a quartet: Plot thus utilizes another quartet substituting one member from Nuc Box Hums (discussed here March 2017), and indeed Beyer is back on daxophone, but this time with a horn instead of bass.... (And I had already appreciated Neuser, seemingly out of nowhere, on Trialectics.) The trumpet would seem to add new dimensions to the sonic palette, and indeed there is an amazing feel right from the start, but there are also various moments where the quartet seems to stagnate. In other words, there are some brilliant moments, but also a lot of waiting for something interesting to happen, & already in the long first track.... By the short third (concluding) track, we get almost a "traditional" ensemble sound around daxophone as a "vocalizing horn" & into a quasi-Southeast Asian (non-gamelan division) feel. Once again, there is a lot of potential, but Plot remains more exploration than (per the terms of "use" here) statement.

Plot is not the only digital-only album that Rodrigues has released in the past few weeks, though, with a handful of both older & newer recordings appearing on his Bandcamp page alongside the many Creative Sources releases. (On his discography page, Rodrigues has these marked as Digital Creative Sources. I don't know if that means he'll be releasing even more music, or if some of the items that would have formerly appeared on Creative Sources proper will now be digital only....) Todd McComb’s Jazz Thoughts


Digital Creative Sources – DCS007, Lisbon 2018

1. Blank A - 21'54''
2. Blank B - 11'14''

Ernesto Rodrigues - Viola
Hui-Chun Lin - Cello
Yoshimoto Yumiko - Electric Guitar & Daxophone
Shuichi Chino - Zither
Harri Sjöström - Sopranino & Soprano Saxophones

Recorded May 2018, Berlin
Cover design Ernesto Rodrigues


[…] There are two others recorded in 2018, and so some of this is very recent material: Poiesis (recorded live in Berlin in May) features a quintet in which Rodrigues is joined by Hui-Chun Lin (cello), Yoshimoto Yumiko (electric guitar, daxophone), Shuichi Chino (zither) & Harri Sjöström (sopranino & soprano saxes). Lin had appeared on Creative Sources previously with the quintet album Discoveries (recorded by Klaus Kürvers, and discussed here last October), on which Davide Piersanti on trombone is set against a quartet of low strings, but hadn't previously recorded with Rodrigues himself. (Discoveries is an often appealing album, even employing some lush & almost jazzy harmonies to distinguish it from the sometimes analogous horn-featured Lisbon String Trio albums, or indeed Polyorchard's Sextet | Quintet as discussed here in July, but it does also drag a bit at times in its explorations.) Sjöström has also appeared here, in October, with Hyvinkää, an album focusing on varying colors amid motivic continuity, and weaves a rather sophisticated high reed through the largely string-based proceedings on Poiesis — again providing continuity against e.g. frequent pizzicato otherwise. The other two performers were not familiar to me, although note the daxophone again, and indeed the zither. The interaction begins assertively, and takes on something of a classical character at times, yielding to exploring a variety of novel timbral combinations. (And the daxophone sometimes mimics brass?) It's only in the somewhat longer second track — and each of the two is around a half hour — that one gets a distinctly Asian feel, particularly around the zither, yielding to almost a generally romantic Easternized vibe that surprisingly becomes even more assertive. (One probably wouldn't guess that it's a Rodrigues album by this point.) Again, there are various intriguing combos from this largely unknown ensemble, but the interaction drags at times as well. Todd McComb’s Jazz Thoughts


Digital Creative Sources – DCS006, Lisbon 2018

1. I - 24'43'


Ernesto Rodrigues - Viola
Andre Holzer - Resonator Guitar
Anna Piosik - Trumpet
Bruno Parrinha - Clarinets
Nuno Torres - Alto Saxophone
Hernâni Faustino - Double Bass
Carlos Santos - Electronics
João Valinho - Percussion

Recorded March 2018, Lisbon
Cover design Ernesto Rodrigues


[…] Finally, I had no concrete idea — although the music itself did suggest an inkling — that more Octopus albums were planned when I discussed Vulgaris (likewise only a couple of weeks ago), but there is now Dofleini, recorded live in Lisbon in March: This is a short album, under half an hour, and retains under half of the specific musicians from the previous album, but the ensemble constitution is similar overall — e.g. electronics (again operated by CS fixture Santos) are more provocative here, though. Dofleini likewise seems more exploratory, with some understated textural innovations, and I guess this means we should indeed be expecting more from Octopus.... Todd McComb’s Jazz Thoughts